Future-Making Education

Future-Making Education Including key excerpts from Pam Burnard’s CES 2022 presentation   Education is the means by which a society ensures its own future. Education brings generations together in the common task of making a future for all. However, the future is not waiting for young people to be ready for it. Developing creative thinking […]

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Assessing Creativity

Assessing Creativity Assessment, pedagogy and curriculum are integrally connected. What you teach depends on what is assessed. How you assess depends on what is being taught and how it is being taught. Across the world politicians, employers, researchers, parents and all those who work in schools are waking up to the fact that today’s assessment

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Learning by Creating

Learning by Creating An overview of it as apedagogy in k12 education The traditional approach to education involves the teacher imparting knowledge to the students through lectures, books, and assignments. However, this approach has been challenged by new pedagogies that focus on learning by creating. This approach involves students actively engaging in creating something, whether

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A Snapshot of Fostering Creativity in Finland

A Snapshot of Fostering Creativity in Finland Encouraging students to develop creativity and critical thinking in an all-round way forms the simple strength of Finnish education. Finland is known for its innovative education system that emphasises creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Some strategies used are: Phenomenon-based learning integrates different subjects and topics around a common

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A Snapshot of Fostering Creativity in England

A Snapshot of Fostering Creativity in England Recommendations of valuable reports, organisatioins, events, and books In England, creativity is fostered in schools through a combination of national curriculum standards and individual school policies. While creativity is not listed as a subject on school timetables yet, there have been extensive discussion in England that encourages teachers

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Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box Most education stakeholders agree that creative thinking is a key competency that young people need to develop for the future, and for some years now almost all future-oriented educational frameworks or skills rankings place creative thinking near the top of their priorities. The OECD’s report “Thinking Outside the Box: The PISA

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