Partnerships in Creative Learning

We offer schools and educators an opportunity to collaborate with the institute in fostering creativity, innovation, and interdisciplinary learning. Submit your idea or project today to benefit from a dynamic and enriching partnership.

Creative Partnership

GIoCT features and supports schools in carrying out their creative thinking projects by offering funding, resources, and expertise.

What is Creative Partnership

At GIoCT, we envision a collaborative initiative between the institute and educational institutions to promote and cultivate creativity. This program aims to establish a long-term partnership between a participating school and a supporting organisation, fostering a creative and innovative learning environment.

Under this programme, schools may submit their creative thinking project to GIoCT to discuss possible forms of collaboration. GIoCT will also feature partner schools and their efforts in Creativity Snapshots, our monthly newsletter and on our Website.

What to submit

The specifics of the program may vary based on the needs and goals of the participating school, but some potential activities that schools could submit include:

  • Curriculum enhancement that promotes creative thinking across different subjects and grade levels
  • Student engagement programs that encourage students to explore their creativity, engage in critical thinking, and develop problem-solving skills
  • Community engagement, which extends beyond the school walls by involving parents, community members, and local organisations to create a network for fostering creativity
  • Collaboration with creative professionals, such as artists, designers, writers or musicians to bring their expertise and creative perspectives into the classroom
  • Cross-disciplinary learning, where teachers from different disciplines work together to curate a learning project that integrates creative thinking across subjects
  • International exchange, such as joint projects, virtual collaborations or student exchanges that provide opportunities for students to learn from different cultural perspectives
  • Professional Learning for teachers to enhance awareness and abilities to encourage creativity in their classrooms

Featured Projects

GIoCT has been engaged in many creative thinking projects that impact education, local industries and the community at large. Here we feature both new and well-developed creativity in education projects that brings to life our vision of creative thinking. Read on for some examples of successfully executed projects between 2018 and 2022.

Student engagement program: Underwater drone

The Underwater Drone is a student-led extended curriculum weaved through subjects and interdisciplinary learning in and beyond the classroom aimed to nurture independence, inquisitiveness, creativity, and collaboration among students aged 15-18 years old.

Cross-disciplinary learning: Math and embedded systems

The Math and Embedded Systems targets students aged 15-17 years old. The school encourages student creativity and innovation through interdisciplinary project-based learning within and outside classrooms, where they are offered plenty of opportunities to research design and carry out their ideas in real-life competitions.

Curriculum enhancement: Beginners' farming tools

As part of a wider “Farming Season” curriculum, the D&T course provides 9-10 year-olds with an immersive environment where farm tools are used as the carrier for learning. Children are expected to learn science, history, art and programming and develop hands-on skills and take responsibility for their own learning.

Curriculum enhancement: A FQ course for children

Financial literacy education covers economics, finance, mathematics, statistics and even psychology. A Financial Quotient Course for Children is a comprehensive course consisting of various modules developed for students aged 13-14.

Professional Development: Odyssey's online workshop

Senior leaderships at Odyssey Teaching School Hub conduct workshops and training sessions for teachers and staff to enhance their understanding and implementation of creative teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and assessment techniques.

International exchange: creative lab

International visits to educational institutions in other countries may promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange of creative ideas. This is Bryanston School hosting teachers from China to share best practices in student creativity development.

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