Edrys Barkham

Member, Board of Trustees, GIoCT || Director of Admissions, Bryanston School

Edrys Barkham is an educator and leader with diverse talents who has devoted her life to education while maintaining a keen interest in biology and archaeology. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Oxford and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Cambridge.

Edrys’ journey at Bryanston School started in 1984 when she joined as a one-year academic resident in Greenleaves. After completing a PGCE at Cambridge, she worked in the state sector before returning to Bryanston in 1991 as the Housemistress of Hunter House, where she spent 13 years looking after the pastoral welfare of many generations of ‘Hunter girls’. This period is considered one of her highlights at Bryanston.

During her time at Bryanston, Edrys has held several leadership positions, including Head of Biology during the building of the Sanger Science Centre. Later, she became the Senior Mistress, then the Director of Admissions and helped to develop a more international intake into the school to prepare pupils for the global nature of the world they will enter at university and in their careers. Her dedication to the students at Bryanston has made her a beloved member of the school community and beyond.