Edward Derbyshire

Associate, GIoCT

Head of Drama, Pate’s Grammar School

Edward is Head of Drama at Pate’s Grammar School. He loves the theatre in all manifestations as he loves life, and the people who inhabit it. As director, he has been responsible for many productions over a span of thirty years, ranging from musicals to farce, from improvised theatre to high Greek drama.

Edward has a particular love of Shakespeare, and is convinced of the power of words. He directs two theatre companies, GYP (the only youth theatre company in the UK which performs solely Shakespeare) and Dramestics (the only affordable chamber theatre company which performs in the found spaces of people’s homes). Edward has been a Head of Drama in primary and secondary schools, and is also a visiting university lecturer. He runs practical workshops such as ‘Journeying through Shakespeare’ and lectures on themes such as ‘Mental Health and Shakespeare’.

Edward has a bachelor’s degree from University of Oxford in Oriental Studies Chinese Language, Literature and History.

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