Our specialist mentoring programme is designed to help school managers and teachers to improve the creative thinking culture and teaching capacity in their own context.


Our mentoring support is specifically designed for head teachers and teachers in K-12 education, with the aim of fostering creative thinking within schools.

Our mentors offer customised guidance and assistance to help educators to develop strategies and techniques to cultivate creativity in their learning environments.

By focusing on the unique needs of each individual and working alongside them, we help to deepen and sustain the impact of creative thinking in various learning environments.

What is Mentoring

Mentoring at GIoCT is a personalised and supportive guidance program for individuals in the education sector, particularly head teachers and teachers in K-12 education. We match teachers with mentors based on a careful and thoughtful process.

Who is it for

Educators who are passionate about fostering creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in their schools and classrooms (especially head teachers and teachers who are committed to their own professional development and are eager to expand their impact in the field of education).

Our Mentors

The mentors affiliated with GIoCT have diverse backgrounds and expertise in various aspects of education, creativity, and innovative teaching practices. GIoCT aims to provide tailored and effective support to each individual.

Areas of expertise

Bill Lucas

Dispositions for learning, Creativity, Tenacity, Pedagogy, Vocational teaching and learning, Change, Parental engagement in schools.

Laura McBain

National and international school transformation, Project-based learning, Design thinking, Professional development, Adult online learning, Qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Michael Anderson

Creative arts education, Applied theatre, School transformation, Reimagining curriculum, methodological innovation, 4C Transformative Learning – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection

Pam Burnard

Creativities research, STEAM education, Music education, Interculturality and arts-based research, practice and theory

Ady Kayrouz

Curriculum design, PBL, Professional development design, Human-centric program design and delivery, Equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

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