Teaching for Creativity, Methods and Approaches

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the summit was held online with the theme “Teaching for Creativity, Methods and Approaches”. This year, and despite these global challenges, we witnessed the pilot projects come to fruition.

2020 Summit at a Glance

The second international conference sought to address the following questions:
  • Changing Landscape of UK Creativity Education: Trend and Practice
  • How do schools Position Creativity Courses
  • Key Elements in Creativity Course Design: Theory and Practice
  • Choosing the Right Pedagogy in Creativity Education
  • Cooperative Learning: Create a Creative Learning Community
  • Creative Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation
The conference proposed the need to identify the contextual reality to nurture student creativity and how to support teachers to achieve it on campus.


  • To learn from the UK experience in adopting methods and approaches in terms of teaching for creativity.
  • To explore the features of a creative curriculum, a creative classroom and a creative campus.
  • To explore new pedagogies, such as problem-based learning, design thinking, research-based learning, and student-led classrooms etc.


The summit drew the attention of over 60 schools from across Shanghai and both state and independent schools from the UK, engaging over 200 headmasters and teachers.

The summit also curated an online learning platform customized for the teachers in Shanghai to access the speech contents and follow-up materials, making up-to-date research and experience sharing accessible to a whole wider audience.

After the event, the two districts, Pudong and Jiading in Shanghai, have started to work on their own creativity curriculum schemes, pairing up schools and creating alliances of schools based on the aims and activities of creative learning.

Conference Program

Check out our 2-day event agenda here!

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