We have been organising training for teachers on all levels and senior managers in the educational sector, highlighted by our leadership and creativity courses through a variety of ways, including workshops, lectures, field visits, and seminars.

Training with GIoCT

GIoCT encourages teachers to turn their schools into a place where students carry out explorations of the world and become self-driven and innovative learners. GIoCT enables educators to be innovative with their school curricula.

We specialise in providing exceptional training experiences for educators, head teachers, policy-makers, and researchers in the field of creative thinking. With our hands-on workshops and interactive programs, we empower educators to unravel complex educational challenges and unlock their students’ potential. Drawing inspiration from our experts who work at OECD, top-ranking universities, and state and private schools, our Learning programs offer a wide range of engaging workshops designed to enhance creative thinking. Led by experienced former head teachers or teachers who are now experts in adult learning, our courses can be held at our headquarters in London or brought directly to your institution.


Our courses can be delivered both online and in person. The online course is more about mastering creative thinking essentials, such as the lecture we feature above. For a more immersive experience, join our in-person events like the Curated Tour, Creative Thinking & Assessment Course, or the Pathway Course, spanning from a couple of days to a long-term dedicated learning journey.

Creative Thinking & Assessment

This is an in-depth learning journey that brings educators together to collaborate, brainstorm and create new projects for students to develop creative thinking skills. Delivered through a series of workshops and mentoring sessions, the course includes six interactive modules and a number of reflective activities to support teachers with planning and implementing their own creative thinking projects at school.

Curated Tours

We believe in the power of diverse perspectives. Thus at GIoCT, we have been organising a dedicated visit program for international educators who are interested to know the secrets of successful education systems across the world, including the US, UK, Finland, Estonia, Australia, China, and more. The program is meant for school principals, management, administrators, educators, trainers & senior teachers who are looking for inspiration on how creativity is fostered on campus.

Online Learning

We hold regular and on-demand online lectures, virtual campus tours, and Q&A sessions led by the GIoCT advisors and collaborating speakers. This interactive online experience was first initiated during the covid lockdown to accommodate training requirements, which has now developed into something that we keep offering to all educators. The topics covered so far include PBL, design thinking, learning by creating and assessment for learning, etc.

Leadership in Education

For subject leaders to senior management, we offer a number of courses on Educational Leadership, School Operations and Finance, and Creative Thinking Culture. Our leadership courses invite researchers, former head teachers, and professors from top business schools to encourage creativity-focused leadership projects that address authentic needs in school communities.


GIoCT is proud to provide this growing array of free creative thinking resources that have been written or reproduced to help teachers, school leaders, and school systems thrive.


‘I think it is really important toinvite teachers from other countries so they can share their day to day challenges and so the researchers can understand that sometimes the students are not so ready to work and maybe they are not interested. We try our best to train the teachers to take that into account. I think what we try to do in the lab school is really to have teachers stand at the same place with researchers.’

Marlène Martin, Teaching Director of Lab School Paris, France

‘The project created a scenario where the students were tasked with sandbox modelling of the Hexi Corridor of the Western Han Dynasty and the modern time. In the given scenario, the students unleashed their imagination, adopted historical perspectives and proposed various open-ended questions on topics including route selection, city differences, clothing evolution, advanced model making, etc. As the students explored, surveyed, modelled, analysed and iterated, their learning behavior transformed from answering questions to spontaneously identifying problems and asking questions.’

Bing Wang, Principal of Jiading Defu Middle School, China

‘The biggest message I’m taking awayis that creativity brings enjoyment and engagement. I think it is about giving teachers that permission to move, not necessarily away from the plan, but away from that specific structure, to become flexible and be creative themselves while helping the students to be creative.’

Frances Thapen, Founder, School Development Ltd, United Kingdom

‘It’s about creating an educational experience that is relevant, personalized, integrated and supports creativity.’

Lillian Hsu, Principal of Latitude High School, United States

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