International Creative Thinking in Schools Week 2024

What is the Creativity Week

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators Today: International Creative Thinking in Schools Week is held annually. It invites educators, school leaders, policymakers, and change makers from across the globe to explore the transformative power of creativity in education.

In an era where innovation and adaptability are valued and essential, GIoCT underscores the imperative of weaving creative thinking into the fabric of our educational systems. The Week aims to provide a platform for educators around the globe to connect, collaborate, learn, become inspired and innovate in a global movement of creative empowerment in education.

A warm welcome to the International
Creative Thinking in Schools Week

Interview with Andreas Schleicher

What do you think of the idea of an annual week's focus on creative thinking in schools?

If creativity is one of most central resources in the 21st century, we need space for its development and to build synergies among activities that are often scattered across subjects and throughout the school year. An annual week where we focus on this provides a good answer to this. Also, at the international level there is a lot happening in this space. At the OECD we have several projects that try to help governments to make creative thinking a reality in school – our PISA Creative Thinking assessment, our Learning Compass as well as specific work on fostering creativity and critical thinking in teaching and learning. Not least, this year’s PISA assessment gave a lot of space to assessing creative thinking.

For a number of years, you have argued that creativity and critical thinking are important for young people.What are the most powerful reasons for this?

There are strong economic, societal and individual reasons for that. One of the goals of education is to empower young people to live an independent life, and there is significant evidence that innovation skills such as complex problem-solving and creative and critical thinking is and will remain crucial in the labour market. Our societies face challenges for which creative thinking is essential. How to deal with climate change or the rise of generative AI are obvious examples. Critical thinking will also become ever more important as reality and fakes become increasingly difficult to distinguish. This is crucial for our democratic values. Finally, and especially in the case of creativity, we know this is something that makes people happy at the individual level: being creative is a contribution to one’s well-being and should be encouraged.

Introducing the Professional Learning Framework for Fostering and Assessing Creativity & Critical Thinking

Together, we unlock a world where every student’s creative and critical thinking skills are not just encouraged but are integral to their learning journey.

Developed through an extensive international collaboration, a new framework will be introduced and discussed to support teachers as a cornerstone of this transformation. Co-developing an evidence-based, flexible and adaptable blueprint, we work together to embed creativity in diverse learning environments, empowering educators globally.

The Creative Thinking in Schools Week aims to unleash the power of imagination and innovation in every student with the OECD Professional Learning Framework for Fostering and Assessing Creativity and Critical Thinking. Be part of a movement that transcends borders, instilling skills that are as universal as they are essential, turning today’s learners into tomorrow’s visionaries.

What were the outputs?

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